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Kashoo to MailChimp Connector

What is KTM connector?
KTM Connector integrates your Kashoo and MailChimp so that working with each of them becomes more fun. By ensuring smooth flow of business information, it empowers you to make better and quicker business decisions. KTM Connector is designed keeping in mind the Business processes. That's why it gives you the flexibility of syncing specific lists from specific set of contacts and gives you actionable information at a place where you can take actions.

What exact Information will flow back and forth in every Sync ?
From Kashoo to MailChimp :

Contacts of your choice (Vendors or Customers) from your Kashoo will be synced to MailChimp list of your choice

How often and when do the Syncs happen?
We have always kept in mind typical business processes while designing all our connectors.
With KTM connector,you can be sure that your data is up to date every morning when you start your business.

You can Sync your data any time / every 12 hours.

Since it's your data and your business, you should have a complete control over it.
You can choose the timings when you want to sync your data every day.

How to start using the KTM connector ?
Just fill up a small form (Sign Up). We will create an account for you. Log in to this account. Set up your connector the way you want it and Start using it.

How do I set up the connector?
Log in to your account & Click on ‘My Account’, then click on the Connector Settings of your Connector and follow the 3 step procedure.

  • Connect to your Kashoo and MailChimp
  • Map the Fields
  • Choose what to sync and where to sync
There you go. Your KTM connector is ready. We will take it from here.

For step by step detailed instructions to Set up your Connector, Refer this

What are the different Pricing plans ?
We have arrived at this pricing after going through extensively our customer's usage requirements. You will definitely find a suitable plan for your needs.

Price / annum


Runs Every

On Demand / 12 hours

What different modes of Payment are available ?
You can pay through Paypal or you can pay using Credit card.

How do I cancel my subscription ?
Log in to your account. Click on 'Payment History' on the left top side where you can get the details of Orders and Subscription plans

You can just log in to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription from there.
Once done, you can confirm it by checking out your Payment History > Details of my Subscription Plan. The status should show as 'Cancelled'. Once cancelled, your autobilling will stop.It takes some time to get the changes reflected into your Account

You can also write us at support@kloudconnectors.com to cancel your subscription.

Do I have to go to my Paypal account every month to renew my subscription ? Or Do you Autobill ?
We want you to save some hassles. So we would be automatically deducting the monthly subscription charges from your account till you choose to cancel it.

My KTM connector is not running. What should I do ?
Log in to your account.Click on the ‘My Account’ link , then click on Sync Errors of your Connector.

You will get to see why exactly the connector did not run.

Quick Checklist to fix your issue
7 out 10 times, this checklist has helped our customers to solve their issue immediately.

  • Check if correct Kashoo and MailChimp Credentials are provided to the connector
  • Check if the specified list exists in MailChimp.
  • Check if you have data (Customers or Vendors) in your Kashoo.
  • Check if email ids are specified in Kashoo for each contact.

Good news is we have made our product in such a way that you can fix most of the issue right from your place.
But if you are not able to fix it, you can always talk to us at support@kloudconnectors.com

At what time my Sync will happen ?
Just Login to your account. Click on the ‘My Account’ link , then click on Sync Timings of your connector.
You will get to know sync timings.

Did my Sync happen at all ?
Why don’t you find it out yourself?
Just log in to your account and check the tab Sync Timings and Sync Details.

Here you will get to know whether your last Sync happened or not, at what time did it happen and how it went through.

Where can I get help if I face any issue ?
You can go through FAQs to fix your issue yourself
You can log in to your account and check sync errors and try to fix it yourself
You can chat with our support agent at Kloud Connectors
And of course You can always write to us at support@kloudconnectors.com

Is my Information safe ?

We take your data safety very seriously. We are ISO 9001 organization. That’s why we use servers. It's your data and you solely should control it. With this belief, we have strived to give you more and more control and visibility of your data in our every product.

Does it affect my Kashoo account or MailChimp account ?
Not at all. Your Kashoo account and MailChimp account will work just fine.
Using our connector does not change anything in either of your accounts.