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About Us

We believe in Clouds
We believe in a Connected world
So it was natural for us to create what we did.
We believe, rather know, that the world`s future is in Clouds.We are doing our tiny bit in making it easier for people to use Cloud Based Apps. Clouds give you so much freedom. Freedom from Viruses,freedom from Maintenance,freedom from Downloads and freedom from Contracts.
So we thought lets extend this freedom some more. One should also have the freedom to use whichever Cloud App one wants. By the way, there are many good ones for each purpose.
With Kloud Connectors in your pocket, you don`t have to worry about Integration,when you go out shopping for different Cloud apps/products Whether its CRM or Accounting,Email Marketing,E-Commerce or anything else.We have you covered.
So, Go ahead and get any Cloud app you want.
We will make sure they are Connected and working well.