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Getting to know HighriseTFA

What is HighriseTFA connector?
HighriseTFA connector connects your Highrise CRM and your FreeAgent so that you can run your business more effectively and easily. It ensures a smooth flow of your business information between your CRM and accounting software so that your Sales team always has up to date information about customers and Accounts department is more productive.

What exact Information will flow back and forth in every Sync ?
From Highrise to FreeAgent:
It allows you to sync Highrise Contacts, Companies along with Highrise Deals to FreeAgent.

How often and when do the Syncs happen?

You can Sync your data any time / every 12 hours.

Since its your data and your business, you should have a complete control over it.
You can Choose the timings when you want to sync your data every day.

Is there any limit on number of records I can process using HighriseTFA connector.
No. We don’t limit the number of records except in trial.