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Getting to know VendTCC

What is VendTCC connector?
VendTCC Connector integrates your Vend and Constant Contact so that working with each of them becomes more fun. By ensuring smooth flow of business information, it empowers you to make better and quicker business decisions. VendTCC Connector is designed keeping in mind the Business processes. That's why it gives you the flexibility of syncing specific lists from specific set of contacts and gives you actionable information at a place where you can take actions.

What exact Information will get synced in every Sync ?
From Vend to Constant Contact :

Contacts of your choice (Suppliers or Customers) from your Vend will be synced to Constant Contact list of your choice

How often and when do the Syncs happen?
We have always kept in mind typical business processes while designing all our connectors.
With VendTCC connector, you can be sure that your data is up to date every morning when you start your business.

You can Sync your data any time / every 12 hours.

Since its your data and your business, you should have a complete control over it.
You can Choose the timings when you want to sync your data every day.