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Getting to know ZTWM

What is ZTWM connector?
ZTWM connector connects your Zoho CRM and your Workflowmax so that you can run your business more effectively and easily. It ensures a smooth flow of your business information between your CRM and Workflowmax. The connector syncs the Zoho Accounts , Contacts ,Potential Notes and Attachements ,Products with Workflowmax Clients,Contacts,Client Attachement and Costs respectively.

What exact Information will flow back and forth in every Sync ?
The Zoho Accounts and Contacts will get synced as Workflowmax clients and contacts.Zoho Potential Notes and Attachements will get synced as Workflowmax Client attachements.The Zoho Products will get Synced as Costs in Workflowmax.

Can I decide how many times to Sync in a day ?
It is your data. You should have a complete control over it. With this belief we have made this product to give you lot of flexibility and choice in Syncing your data.

You can Sync your data any time / every 12 hours.

Is there any limit on number of records I can process using ZTWM connector.
No. We don’t limit the number of records. But, Zoho has put down some guidelines for using their API