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Getting to know ZTKF

What is ZTKF connector?
ZTKF connector connects your Zoho CRM and your Kashflow so that you can run your business more effectively and easily. It helps you identify Cross Sale and Up Sale opportunities by ensuring a smooth flow of business information between your Zoho CRM and Kashflow. This truly bi-directional connector which syncs your Zoho CRM Invoices in Xero and syncs back the status of the updated Xero Invoices back in Zoho CRM.

What exact Information will flow back and forth in every Sync ?
From Zoho to Kashflow:
The Invoice and corresponding Products, Account and Contact gets created in Kashflow.

From Kashflow to Zoho :
It allows to sync the updated Kashflow Invoice status back in Zoho CRM.

How often and when do the Syncs happen?
We have always kept in mind typical business processes while designing all our connectors. With ZTKF connector, you can be sure that your data is up to date every morning when you start your business.

You can Sync your data any time / every 12 hours.

Is there any limit on number of records I can process using ZTKF connector.
No. We don’t limit the number of records. But, Zoho has put down some guidelines for using their API